I will stand for

Minimizing tax changes

Early 2019.

Our town has benefited from responsible and sustainable financing.  Our residents also front a large majority of the bill through property taxes. 

Our residents are aging with this town.  The fixed pensions and supplemental incomes will not age well with the shifting need for increased frontline emergency services, medical provisions, or recreational affordability.  

In coordination with members of incoming council, provincial and federal representatives, I will give the time necessary to help translate your concerns captured at the doors and through the budgetary survey in September, to maintain and/or improve services for your best use, respecting your tax contributions, to build for the future of Ajax and its many current and future residents.  I will also assist where applicable with the attraction of new industries and businesses in an effort to inject new, ongoing revenue to the town to offset residential burden. Any efforts to eliminate barriers to business and operator permits within the town will be communicated in advance with local residents to ensure fair communication and informed consultation.

Better communication across all of Ward 3

Ongoing and immediately

Being accessible today means being accessible to the entire Ward as the first person to respond when contacted in person, by phone or email, or via social media. When you want to speak to me, I will be available to respond back as your first contact. If your inquiry requires assistance outside of my scope, if I do not have the answer I will guide you the contact and information you need. An away or extended absence greeting should be the only reason you do not hear directly from your elected representative.

Companionship for seniors through youth mentorship

Late 2018, ongoing

We have a lot to learn from each other as we live and thrive in Ajax. Listen to the neighbourhoods that helped build this town to inform youth and younger residents on how to build stronger, safer communities.  Identify current opportunities to exchange knowledge and ideas with regard to employment prospects, building social capital, and volunteerism for residents in need and youth in need of graduating hours.

Enhanced accessibility

Late 2018 and continuous

Working with local accessibility committees in municipal and community service, continue to listen to the needs of residents to inform the town on how to continuously improve our customer service experience elected officials and staff in a continued effort to eliminate any foreseeable barriers to our residents with effectively navigating our town in a wholly accessible, dignified manner.

Identify and create youth and cultural community spaces

Late 2018, ongoing

In coordination with public and separate school boards, faith based organizations and institutions, and governmental partners from all levels, work with residents and grassroots organizations to reimagine the way we use existing local spaces to do local programming for the benefit of our communities.  Invite by-law officials to open community forums to inform and improve by-law interpretations with regard to open-air activities and others uses of existing municipal spaces.

Reducing local housing and food insecurity


Advocate for maximized municipal use of buildings for our town's residents, including persons with chronic housing instability.  Work with community-based organizations, Regional Social Services staff, and social service educators to improve the way we interact with and secure our residents in matters of dire need. 

In the event of an extreme weather advisory, I will seek compassionate access to community centres for after-hours warming centres available to all residents who require the need in pre-identified areas, with staffing partnerships of community-based social service organizations to offset municipal personnel costs. 

Creating new plots and increasing access to community gardens, along with current workshops at libraries and service clubs, should all be in line with increasing urban farming opportunities within downtown and south Ajax.

Smarter waste management strategies for all of Ward 3

Early 2020

Connect with multi-unit residential dwellings to explore community considerations for retrofitting existing buildings with compost options to divert the biodegradable contributions toward a greater town-led urban farming effort. 

Putting the best interests of our residents first

Ongoing, monthly

Our future lives here. Our present live here. Our past lies here in this town. I will be available to you where you are at to best receive and communicate your needs for the good of your self, your neighbourhood and community, and your town. 

Your contribution should always come before my own interest. I will work for you. I will serve and represent Ward 3 on your behalf. I will be available in various scheduled local areas where you can best interact with me, because without you, I'm just a resident with an opinion.  

To succeed beyond a greater voter turnout, we need to hold each other accountable for our decisions and actions.  Put your vote on Dane Record this local election, and I will represent our neighbourhoods and communities with the integrity all of us want in Ward 3.

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