Resident, Ward 3, Town of Ajax

Hey Ajax, and everyone else popping by.

When we started this journey, we sought to represent our part of the town- ALL of our part of the town- with honesty and integrity.  We did our level best to run a fair campaign, which we succeeded in doing from the moment we cast our ballot on June 15, until the announcement of our incoming council. 

We were not the lead candidate for 2018, and that's okay.  We congratulate everybody for putting their names forward.  Big congratulations to Lisa Bower and her campaign team!

While our efforts didn't result in the ultimate, we do maintain still our need to encourage everybody to work with people who want to work in this town and region.  We have some fine neighbours who want to be better neighbours for all.  We have small businesses ready to serve with doors open and high customer service excellence.  And we have you, the reader who should always be striving to be your best self for you and your communities.

This will be our last campaign-related post on this site.  We'll keep the other pages available for you to read so you have an idea on what we stand for.  The work continues from the side of the masses- for now.  Thank you all for opening your doors and interacting online.  We'll stay connected.

Till next time.

Dane Record

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Vote October 15-22 in Ajax, ON CAN.